Superresolution & Confocal Microscopy


Microscopy is an indispensable tool in medicine, biology, and countless other fields. And for your science, you want the finest technology combined with hassle-free operation. With our first-class platforms for fluorescence superresolution and confocal microscopy, we offer imaging solutions that will meet even your most challenging applications.

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“Why is it that abberior can compete with much bigger companies?”

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At abberior, we develop microscope platforms for every need and application.

From first-time confocal users to hardcore microscopy-geeks, we have the machine for you. An all-purpose microscope for imaging facilities? We’ve got that. A custom-developed instrument for a single, dedicated application? We’ll make it happen. A true nanoscope? We will deliver.

Read on to see which platform is right for you.


molecule-size 3D resolution

Our MINFLUX is the first commercially available fluorescence light microscope with 3D resolution capabilities down to the size of a molecule. For the first time, you can examine features over all lengthscales between microns and one nanometer. Furthermore, MINFLUX offers molecule-tracking at unprecedented speeds.

So, if you’re looking to unravel structure and dynamics in the tiny molecular machinery of a cell, there is no alternative to MINFLUX.

MINFLUX can be combined with STED and confocal microscopy through our expert DEVICES.


forever cutting-edge

The INFINITY is our platform for confocal and superresolution fluorescence microscopy that is contiuously upgradable to meet the ever changing demands of your science. Its sophisticated and highly flexible design allows us to realize every microscope configuration permitted by the laws of physics. We guarantee that we can always upgrade your INFINITY – even years after purchase – with solutions that we haven’t even thought about yet.

If you’re looking for the most sophisticated STED and confocal microscope that grows with your research, the INFINITY is for you!

The INFINITY platform can be equipped with any of our expert DEVICES or custom developments and upgraded to or traded in for a MINFLUX.


when every detail matters

The FACILITY is a cutting-edge microscope that is incredibly easy to use. It combines advanced features, such as high-end confocal and 3D superresolution imaging, with a brand new user-friendly graphical interface. Even novice microscopists can intuitively arrive at a top-notch STED image in just three clicks, while expert users maintain full control over every aspect of the instrument.

If you’re looking for a foolproof microscope that delivers high-end STED and confocal images, the FACILITY is for you!

The FACILITY platform can be equipped with almost all of our expert DEVICES or traded in for a MINFLUX .


a class of its own

The STEDYCON is a new class of microscope. It converts your conventional epifluorescence stand into a versatile four-color confocal and 2D-STED nanoscope within minutes. No need to invest in a confocal system – just use your existing widefield microscope. The STEDYCON is barely the size of a shoebox, and yet it delivers stunning images with 30 nm resolution. It’s so easy to set up and operate even for new users.

If you’re looking for a compact, plug&play STED and confocal microscope that beginners can use after only a few minutes of training, the STEDYCON is for you!

The STEDYCON can be traded in for any of our other platforms.

MATRIX Detector

Many eyes see more than one. The MATRIX detector drastically improves signal-to-background ratio, resolution, and dynamic range.

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“Why is MINFLUX a game changer?”

Prof. Stefan W. Hell

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Custom Solutions

We offer solutions for even the most challenging applications. Everything that can be done, we will do.

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abberior is one of “Germany’s Growth Champions / Wachstumschampions 2019”

Fourth place in the category “manufacturing industry”

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