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Every MINFLUX, INFINITY, and FACILITY microscope from abberior can be equipped with expert devices, powerful functional units that expand the system’s core functionality to reach new imaging heights. Take your superresolution nanoscopy to three dimensions, cut the light dose by an order of magnitude, add another laser – our menu has amazing offers for everyone. And if you can’t find what you need on our website, get in touch with us, and we’ll develop it for you.

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MATRIX Detector

Many eyes see more than one. The MATRIX detector drastically improves signal-to-background ratio, resolution, and dynamic range.

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TIMEBOW lifetime imaging for stunning results at confocal and STED super-resolution.

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Adaptive Illumination

Brings down the light dose on your sample and lables dramatically. Key ingredient for volume and live-cell superresolution.

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Adaptive Optics

Puts every beam in perfect shape

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3D-STED and aberration control, the easy way

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RAINBOW Detection

Continuously variable spectral detection.

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STED Lasers

All-pulsed STED lasers for maximum resolution and minimal bleaching.

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Every beam in order, including pinhole and STED-shape

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Continuous focus-lock, even with STED

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Excitation Lasers

Pulsed excitation lasers for virtually every wavelength.

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Things to make your life easier

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Custom Solutions

We offer solutions for even the most challenging applications. Everything that can be done, we will do.

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